Hulk #1

Thursday, January 5, 2017
Tag: review
The cover of Hulk #1 (2017)

I blame Charles Soule and Javier Pulido for making me think I loved She-Hulk. I’ve tried other She-Hulk stories since reading their run on the character’s (since-cancelled) eponymous title and none of it has resonated with me. I thought it was very interesting this is a She-Hulk comic that’s dropped the “She-” (and the cover was super interesting), so I made a special trip to pick up a copy of the first issue. It definitely wasn’t bad, but it still didn’t click for me like Soule’s title did. I do like that the focus of this story seems to be on Jennifer Walter’s mental health (after the death of her cousin, The Incredible Hulk [I guessed that that was why they dropped the “She-” from a She-Hulk comic and I was right—I don’t keep up with all the goings-on in the Marvel Universe]) and other non-superhero things. That’s the kind of stuff that drew me to Soule’s series in the first place. It was funny and smart and not all about pounding super villains into the ground. When it did happen, it was surprising and refreshing.

Olivia pointed out that the author of this series is the same person who wrote This One Summer (which I really enjoyed). I’m now even more compelled to check out the paperback of the first volume when it comes out.