Photo Op

Friday, January 6, 2017
Tag: gratitude

When I was walking back to my office after lunch today, I was presented with the opportunity for a good photo but I didn’t have the nerve to take it.

I was walking by a park and saw two men sitting around a patio heater that was spewing flames. One was an officer of some sort. He had a badge on his beanie and was wearing a uniform. The other was wearing a cowboy hat and a trench coat. One of them looked up at me. I had my camera around my neck and ready. The park was nearly empty. I knew that if I put it up to my face to take a photo, they would have seen me and I would have been very conspicuous. I immediately regretted not taking the photo, but there was no way I was going to turn back and be even more conspicuous.

I decided to take my feeling of regret as a lesson. I’ll think of that opportunity the next time I’m tempted to pass up an opportunity just because it would be slightly uncomfortable.