Hi, I'm Trey.

I'm a photographer and web developer. I live in Massachusetts. I'm originally from Tennessee. I'm really into film photography, but digital cameras are cool too.

I've worked on some random projects over the years including a Stephen King Checklist and a podcast about Star Trek called Jawgrind. I’m currently working on a web app for tracking photographic film inventory before and after it’s used to take photos. It’s called Cassette Nest.

My photographs have been featured in:

  • Southern Glossary, a web zine about art, culture, and performance in the South.

  • Negative Feedback, a quarterly photo zine featuring film photography.

  • Mary Christie Quarterly, a publication of the Marie Christie Foundation, an organization focusing on the health and wellness of young adults.

Please consider donating to the scholarship established in honor of my late sister, Alison.

Strobist 101