The Drawing of the Three

Sunday, January 1, 2017
Tag: review
The cover of The Drawing of the Three

I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, I’ve considered it my favorite of The Dark Tower series for a long time. On the other hand, it has quite a few things in it that bug me.

The first my issues (which is petty, I admit) is its consistent misuse of cardinal directions. North and South are swapped. They’re heading “North” on the beach but the ocean is always on their right. I want to think there’s a reason for this, but I think it’s just bad editing. In the official “Concordance” books, the map they have of the beach show them going actual North with the beach on their left (which is so wrong in terms of the mental picture I have of this book that I find it offensive).

The other problematic thing in this book is Detta Walker. I don’t know why it’s ok for a white author to put such questionably racist material in their book. Even if it’s trying to make some point about the cartoony aspect of her behavior because Odetta is actually very well cultured, I don’t see how that excuses what is here. I don’t think that excuses his use of the n-word at the very least.

Other than those two things, I still love this book, and it’s still a page turner and I still think of it often when I’m at a beach. It’s very quest-y and this is the first time we really get a sense of what this group of characters is like.

4/5 stars