Let’s Work Together

Friday, June 23, 2023

Note: this post is a ripoff of Jessamyn West’s.

I’m looking for work.

My usual default is to look for a full-time position with benefits, but because I’m trying to build Piepworks with my partner and am having some moderate success with a couple of projects that are dear to my heart, I’ve decided what I’d like to do is find work on a part-time / contract basis.

Because of my ongoing business commitments, I’d like to limit my availability to around 20 hours a week at maximum.

My strong feelings on how to build on the web

I have strong opinions about how things on the web should be built and how we’ve been absolutely wrecking things for the past decade plus with “single-page apps,” especially those built with the over-engineered travesty that is Facebook’s React.

I believe strongly in progressive enhancement (building as much base-level functionality as possible to work with the slowest hardware on unreliable network connections without the help of JavaScript) and therefore rule out what feels like 90% of possible employment opportunities right off the top. This situation has made me consider more than once simply leaving the industry. Perhaps to work in the dairy farm up the road.

All that to say, I’m very experienced at building solid websites and applications with accessibility, usability, maintainability, and longevity in mind. I’m ready to build something awesome with you!

My preferred technology stack

I love Django, but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert at Python (throughout my career, I’ve mostly considered myself a front-end developer). It’s Django I’m very into, not necessarily Python or other things in its ecosystem.

Combining Django with htmx (where complex interactions are needed) is my preferred “stack.” Second choice is Kirby (a lovely product that has a fantastic, helpful community) or other backend-friendly frameworks and CMSs such as Wagtail CMS, Laravel, Craft CMS, and Perch. Third choice is static site generators such as 11ty. Fourth choice is dairy farm.

Seriously, though. If I must, I have lots of experience with React and could help you out there too. I’m good at it, just know that I’m making sour face.

Burgeoning, legal cannabis industry

I am very intrigued by the newly legal-ish cannabis industry and have worked in the field. A prerequisite of any business I would work with in this industry is an awareness of and course of action to help repair the damage that cannabis prohibition has done (primarily to BIPOC).

Get in touch!

You can check out my GitHub projects here and here.

If you’d like to work with me, get in touch!