Revamp, 2022

Saturday, June 18, 2022
Tags: technical gratitude

I think there’s a legal obligation to blog about how you build and update your blog, so here’s an update to my previous post about how I built this website. 2019 sure seems like a long time ago now.

I still like how the site looks for the most part, but I’m tired of blogging in my code editor and publishing with Git.

It’s puzzling that static sites have gotten such a huge mindshare when they’re terrible to actually use. My theory is that because WordPress has become the default way to make websites and it’s so over-engineered and a pain to keep up to date that something near its total opposite took off among the turbo nerds (like myself).

But things like Kirby and Statamic have been there all along while we cancelled our standard hosting accounts, did our best to forget any PHP we used to know, and tried to write “serverless functions” instead of just building dynamic websites like god intended.

Dynamic websites were just for “apps” and regular websites were supposed be just flat HTML. Which is fine, but then the CMS was a total afterthought and blogging in a text editor sucks. Not being able to blog from your phone or tablet sucks. A flat-file CMS is the best of both worlds.


Now I still have a super-portable, fast site without a database, but with a modern CMS where I can write and manage things from my phone. You have to pay for Kirby, yes, but it’s very reasonable, and it’s not a subscription. Also, it’s such simple technology that you can run it on the cheapest hosting you can find; no Serverless functions or Node modules required.

I’ve also realized that I’ve kind of missed PHP after all these years.