Cassette Nest: Journaling

Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Previously: Cassette Nest: Tracking Film Photography

One of the things I want to track in Cassette Nest is very basic information about where and when each frame of a roll was taken.

Currently, I record this information using PhotoMemo books.

A PhotoMemo book with lots of notes in it.
~2017-now: PhotoMemo

Before I discovered those, I used a variety of different notebooks:

A Field Notes book with film notes in it.
2016: Field Notes
An Analogbook with lots of notes and wasted space.
‘~2015: Analogbook

After a roll is finished…

I adjust the “Capture Time” in Lightroom.

The Edit Capture Time dialog in Lightroom Classic
Always 11:00 AM

I print out a copy of each two-page spread of the notebook and keep it in a sheet protector with my negatives.

PhotoMemo pages and annual index in sheet protectors ready to be loaded into a film binder.
Copied PhotoMemo pages with my 2018 annual index.

The journaling feature will take the place of recording things in a notebook, but I probably won’t give them up. Having an immediate hard-copy of that information is good piece of mind.

Here’s the gist of how it’ll work.

From there, the process (for me, anyway) will be pretty much the same. The one major difference is that instead of copying pages from a PhotoMemo, you’ll be able to print out all the information for a roll right from the app (I need to start working on those print style sheets).