Bernard and Dorothy

Saturday, August 29, 2015
Tag: gratitude
Bernard and Dorothy

I woke up this morning with the noise of thumping music outside. I picked up my Polaroid 100 and walked over to see what was going on. It was the Color Vibe 5k. It seemed more like a rave.

I took three photos and then somebody stopped me to ask me about my camera. He asked if it was an SX-70. I talked about the camera for a bit and then he called his wife over to look at it. I took a picture of the two of them and waited, peeled it, and then gave it to them 1. We talked about the difference between integral film and packfilm and the fact that you can still buy both kinds film today. It was a fun experience all around. I love being able to have random conversations with people about cameras (or whatever). It’s nice to have a way to connect with people about something that makes them happy. They were thrilled to get the photo (which came out great).

Their names were Bernard and Dorothy. Bernard wanted me to know that his “HU” hat was for Howard University.

  1. One of the cool things about this peel-apart film is that even though I gave them the positive, I still have the negative to scan.