Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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I think I first heard of HeroesCon when someone at Captain’s Comics1 mentioned that it would be a good place to take comics to get graded and not have to mail them in first.

There Were Lots of People at HeroesCon

It was again Captain’s that brought it to my attention this year. Olivia and I both thought it might be fun, but we didn’t make any concrete plans. Since it was a short drive and you could buy tickets at the door, we decided to play it Thor’s brother2.

Then it started seeming even cooler when I heard things like this and also realized that I could get my Bone single volume edition signed by Jeff Smith. And, hey, I used the fact that my brother had my copy as a chance to see the elusive so-and-so for the first time in over a year.

'Livie took this great shot of me getting my Bone complete edition signed by Jeff Smith.

Long story short, we went and had a fabulous time. The comic book celebrities were friendly and gracious3. The crowd was surprisingly diverse. We saw a male Wonder Woman and lots of women playing male characters like Loki. We had lunch next to an old grey couple who were obviously seasoned professionals and had checklists and stacks of comics that they were getting signed or collecting or both. We saw lots of families.

The only bad part of the experience was the Charlotte Convention Center and parking garage were nigh impossible to understand. At one point, we were convinced we were trapped in the parking garage stairwell. We also walked around for miles trying to find the rest rooms.

But none of that spoiled the great time we had. I imagine I’ll be going again next year if we’re still in NC.

  1. In my (not so) old stomping grounds of Charleston, SC. 

  2. Loki 

  3. I think my favorite moment of the day was when Olivia asked the author of [Mouse Guard][mg] which of his books she should read first and he explained in detail why it was ok to start with pretty much any of the books. He then proceeded to sign the book she bought (Winter 1152) and drew an awesome mouse face in it.