There’s now a Links section on this website.

Thursday, June 24, 2021
Tags: technical gratitude

Here it is.

I’ve long been inspired by the likes of Gruber and Kottke with their link blogs, but it wasn’t until I saw this tweet by Laura Kalbag that I was inspired to make one of my own on my (still recent-feeling) 11ty-powered website. Like Laura’s, mine also has its own RSS feed.

You can click through directly to the external link by clicking the star (reversed from the way Gruber does it) and read my notes by clicking the title.


I would not have tried this if not for this video by Stephanie Eckles.

Boring Technical Stuff

I’m pulling data from Pinboard’s API so I don’t have to do anything other than give bookmarks a particular tag for them to show up on my website the next time it’s re-rendered. I’m experimenting with some IFTTT stuff to get it to re-render at appropriate times. It may end up just being a once-a-day thing, since I can’t rely on the IFTTT trigger of a new bookmark since I often post things un-tagged (via liking something on Instapaper) and go back and add tags later.