How the George Floyd uprising was framed for white eyes

Saturday, June 19, 2021

“Many millions of liberal whites have no problem seeing the problem of race as one of violent police,” Berger says. “That allows them to distance themselves from racism, since they can’t imagine themselves perpetrating white-on-Black violence. White outrage at police conduct downplays their complicity in a racialized system that benefits whites.” Until white people examine how they can be participants in a movement against police brutality and still receive racism’s dividends, America will keep spinning in circles. In the early days of the uprising, the action in the streets challenged the white response. The front pages of the country’s establishment newspapers seemed to coddle it.


One year after the summer of protest, here’s what I’ve been waiting for – a thoughtful, persuasive analysis of the photography in the mainstream media. “Front-page photography once again made Black rebellion suitable for white liberal consumption.”